Estimate of personal loans in the bank, rates and opinions

A new car, a wedding, the renovation of the house, whatever the necessity from Mediolanum, it is possible to request a personal loan quote and adapt it to your needs. Let’s see how to proceed, what are the rates applied by the bank and the opinions found online.

The Mediolanum banking group presents itself on the market as an innovative bank that goes beyond new technologies and focuses on the freedom of its customers and establishes human contacts between institutions and people. The bank’s aim is to offer customized products and solid and complete financial solutions based on transparency. Every idea created by the credit institution has the objective of placing the customer at the center of the Group, pursuing a commitment aimed at improving people’s lives and helping them in a decidedly important field, the financial one. To succeed, Mediolanum constantly creates new tools, processes and products to offer to customers. Among the services offered we find the loans tailored to suit every need and every project.

Mediolanum personal loan estimate: how to apply for it in the Bank

Relying on Mediolanum can be a solution if you need to obtain liquidity to carry out a particular project or to pay a sudden expense such as a new appliance or the renovation of the bathroom. The bank is presented to the public as a champion of human relations between customer and bank and as creator of customizable solutions to ensure anyone to succeed in their intent to obtain a loan.

By going to a Mediolanum branch, you can have direct contact with a Family Banker , a professional made available to customers to help manage savings, interest and to recommend the best financing product. The Family Banker will become a reference figure for the customer and can be consulted at 360 °, for any type of financial advice that is needed. Comprehensive competence, of course, includes personal loans. During the bank appointment, therefore, the financial advisor will show the client the various loan solutions that the institute proposes and will direct it to the most suitable solution to its profile.

If the customer’s purpose, for example, is to obtain liquidity in order to proceed with the renovation of a residential property, the loan presented will be Mediolanum Riparti Italia . In order to obtain a quotation, it will be necessary to show the project of the works on paper that are to be realized and satisfy some requirements. This specific loan, in fact, is reserved for holders of a current account at the bank in question for at least three months who wish to obtain the payment of a sum of between 4 thousand and 100 thousand euro and repay it in a period of time. ranging from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 120. The estimated costs are those of preliminary investigation (1.00% of the amount requested) for a cost between 50.00 euros and 250.00 euros and the substitute tax of stamp (0.25% of the amount).

By satisfying the requirements indicated and providing the basic documentation for obtaining a loan (identity document, social security number and income document), a quote can be obtained in a short time and a possible amortization plan can be displayed.

In the Bank, then, the Family Banker will show the other two types of loans of Banca Mediolanum for which the client could request a quote. If you wish to opt for a fixed rate, the loan solution shown will be Mediolanum Credit . It is part of a line of loans provided by Santander Consumer Bank that allows you to have a capital and repay it with constant installments and accrued interest. The estimate can be made for liquidity requests ranging between € 1,500.00 and € 50,000.00 and will show the possibility of returning the sum in a period of time from 12 to 120 months. The costs of preliminary investigation, in this house, could vary from 125.00 to 300.00 euros while the replacement stamp duty will be 14.62 euros for transactions of less than 18 months and 0.25% of the amount disbursed for operations over 18 months.

An additional estimate that may be requested concerns the Mediolanum Loan . We are talking about a variable rate solution designed to finance personal and family projects. The estimate concerns figures between 2 thousand and 250 thousand euro for an expected repayment duration ranging from 12 to 84 months. The Family Banker may propose to supplement the loan with an additional insurance policy called ” Mediolanum Polizza Protezione Prestito ” to protect the client from unforeseen events related to loss of work, hospitalization, total incapacity or death. The financial consultant will provide, in the event that the policy is of interest to the customer, an additional estimate that includes the cost of the policy in the installment to be paid monthly.

The estimate that will be requested in the bank will show the ideal repayment plan for the loan applicant, complete with monthly payment, duration of the loan and applied rates . In this regard, what is the position of the Mediolanum bank in relation to interest rates?

Interest rates applied by Banca Mediolanum on loans 2019

With reference to the first type of loan, Mediolanum Riparti Italia, the rate applied will be variable and will be calculated on the basis of assets, with spreads plus Euribon 360 at 3 months. If the Euribon rate is negative on the day of recognition, the rate applied in the reference quarter will be equal to the contractual spread. Let’s proceed with an example of a complete estimate of rates.

Requesting 30 thousand euros and deciding to repay them in 36 months, the applied Taeg will be 3.75% calculated on the basis of the initial value of the rate and assuming that it remains the same for the entire duration of the loan. The substitute tax will be 75.00 euros and the preliminary costs of 250.00 euros. The applied Tan will instead be 2.95%. For this type of loan the customer must guarantee the assets invested in Mediolanum Group products while it will not be necessary for Mediolanum Credit, characterized by the fixed rate. In this case, for example, requesting € 10,000.00 to be repaid in 36 months, the installment will be 325.52 euros with Tan at 9.75% and Taeg at 11.07%. The total interest will thus amount to € 1,593.72

A final example of this is the Mediolanum Loan, at a variable rate. Specifically, the rate varies according to the performance of the 3-month Euribon 360 rate and the spread that will be applied will decrease with the increase in the value of the assets in investment products held by the applicant at the bank. Taeg and Tan applied will correspond, as for Mediolanum Riparti Italia respectively to 3.75% and 2.95%.

Opinions on the personal loans of the Mediolanum Group

Opinions on the personal loans of the Mediolanum Group

Opinions on Mediolanum loans found online are mostly positive. The different solutions to choose from, the variable or fixed rates, the opportunity to add an insurance policy aimed at protecting the loan are certainly characteristics that leave the customers of the credit institution pleasantly satisfied. With regard to the costs and rates applied, they are in line with the market average and do not cause significant effects on the final installment of the loan. The absence of management costs, periodic mailings and payment of installments is another point in favor of the bank.

Reliability and security are other elements that emerge from users’ opinions. The intent of the institute to create a professional, open, transparent and continuous relationship with the client seems to really come true. Mediolanum is a bank that can be counted on at any time and for different types of financial products. The assistance for loans, in particular, is useful for deciding the solution that best suits your needs and the professionalism of financial advisors is, in general, appreciated.

The figure of Family Banking, therefore, is seen, in most cases, as a positive support from the customer and becomes a real point of reference to rely on to solve problems or clarify doubts. Some reviews left online, however, point out that no profit was obtained from the help of the Family Banker but in relation to areas not treated by us today.

In the telematic age, the possibility of requesting an online estimate is missing . Many users would prefer to make a first approach with the bank through the website and avoid immediately contacting a consultant to find out a hypothetical repayment plan. The Group’s vision, however, aims to promote human contact and personal relationships by identifying face to face as a strength and not a weakness to be resolved. Technology helps but also generates detachment and lack of direct relationships. Mediolanum is the right bank for those who want to communicate directly with a professional consultant, ask all the questions necessary to make important decisions without being a screen to provide cold and sometimes not useful answers to solve their problems.

If you recognize yourself in this last profile of users, it is time to go to a branch of the bank and proceed with the request for a personalized quote. To get to know the agency closest to your position, simply access the official website of the bank and enter the “Our Offices” section. By entering where required location or address you can see the exact point where you can find a Mediolanum branch.


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