Family Grant Microcredit: How does the Progress Program work?


Family Grant Microcredit: There are things that I try not to understand but I can not. Bolsa Família was created to help low-income families by providing them with money for the minimum subsistence. But for a few years now, this prime mover has been pushed aside and the Bolsa Familia has become a way to move the economy and make banks earn more money at the expense of people who “need to be helped.”

The Government’s last move was to create another Bolsa Família loan format for program card holders to access their own business. According to the Federal Government, they want to stimulate entrepreneurship among the beneficiaries of the program.

In addition to the traditional family loan loan , the launch was now from the Bolsa Família microcredit , a bet of the Federal Government to stimulate the small entrepreneurs of Brazil. The program’s initiative is part of the Plano Progredir program, an action aimed at promoting the financial autonomy of citizens assisted by the country’s social transfer program, which governments use most to achieve what they want.


What is the Bolsa Familia?


What is the Bolsa Familia?


The Bolsa Família program has the responsibility of providing financial assistance to more than 13 million Brazilian families in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability. Each family enrolled in the program earns an average of R $ 178.44 to use the money to supplement the income and help with the costs and expenses of food, health, education and hygiene.

The Minister of Social Development Osmar Terra released the Progress Plan in September of that year. To start the Bolsa Família Microcredit project, the initial contribution amounts to R $ 3 billion, all this money will serve to put the actions in practice as soon as possible in all regions of the country. The Plan Progredir aims first of all to stimulate entrepreneurship, and in the background, hopes to generate employment opportunities and qualify labor for the market in general.


How does  microcredit work?


How does  microcredit work?


The Bolsa Família microcredit will operate in the form of personal credit to the beneficiary of the program who wants to invest in a business of his own. The Progress Plan will release borrowed money to finance small entrepreneurs with their ventures, on the other hand, also create actions focused on technical assistance, financial consulting and empowering beneficiaries in specific areas of their business.

What’s the main idea? To make the beneficiaries of Bolsa Família have incentives to open their own business legally, that is, to become Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI). For this to happen, they will receive the opportunity to get the first loan as financial aid to definitely win the independence of the Bolsa Familia social program .

Like this financial incentive, the Government expects that as soon as there is income or profit in the business, the entrepreneurial beneficiary who is currently aided by Bolsa Família voluntarily disconnects from the program. ” However, if the business can not get revenge or work, there will still be an opportunity to re-receive the benefit of the federal government (Bolsa Família ).”


Who can become an individual Microentrepreneur – MEI?


Let’s understand how the MEI works. The MEI is a person who works as a freelancer, but must legalize to be a small business owner. This person happens to be included in the regime of taxation of Simples Nacional, being exempt of federal taxes, like PIS, Cofins, Income Tax, among others. Being an individual Microentrepreneur is nothing more than a small individual entrepreneur who fits the prerequisites below:

1 – Has billing of up to R $ 60,000.00 per year
2 – Has at most one employee with a formal contract
3 – Exercise one of the activities allowed by the category

To formalize the situation of your business as MEI, the citizen concerned will have no initial cost, it’s free. For this, just access the address and fill out a registration. Remember that when opening your company as MEI you will have corporate citizenship: CNPJ, rights and benefits.

Microcredit Family Grant – Microentrepreneur Portal


How to access microcredit from Bolsa Família?


Who can become an individual Microentrepreneur - MEI?


Microcredit of Bolsa Família can only be requested by those who are already enrolled in the Single Register of Social Programs of the Federal Government. The application can be completed on the MDS website. When registering, the beneficiary participates in all actions of the Progress Plan.

Conclusion : The Bolsa Família Microcredit initiative focuses mainly on two main lines:

1 – The financial inclusion : that teaches to open bank account, request card machine and obtain microcredit.

2 – Technical assistance : which will offer financial advice, guidance and training to undertake business.

Understood! Do you want to have access to the Bolsa Família Microcredit actions? If you are a beneficiary of Bolsa Família and intend to become a microentrepreneur, this is the time, go to the MDS portal, click the “Register” button, fill in the necessary data, and you’re done!

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