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You are an entrepreneur and need borrowed money to structure your business, loans from Banco do Povo Paulista can be a great opportunity to obtain financing. Banco do Povo Paulista is present in 514 cities, the São Paulo state program highlights the most productive units, more than 35 thousand entrepreneurs benefited from the available resources.

The total amounts to R $ 193 million loaned to 35 thousand entrepreneurs. These are the numbers of the country’s largest state microcredit program, Banco do Povo Paulista (BPP), which in 2013 intensified its activities to boost entrepreneurship and promote job and income generation throughout the state.

Managed by the Secretariat for Employment and Labor Relations (SERT), BPP currently serves 514 cities. Of these, 40 were contemplated last year – a record of inaugurations since 2007. There were more than 700 thousand people – from 11 regions – covered.

According to the Secretary of State for Employment, Tadeu Morais, the expressive numbers are explained by the conditions favorable to the entrepreneur and the bureaucratized process. “The State, through Banco do Povo Paulista, offers one of the lowest interest rates among Brazilian financial institutions: 0.5% per month. There are no additional fees, unlike other banks. With the documentation regularized, the citizen gets the loan in up to 72 hours, “he says.




For 15 years, the BPP – Banco do Povo Paulista contributes to the life of the microentrepreneur and to the warming of local economies. The program offers credit lines to microentrepreneurs ranging from R $ 200 to R $ 15 thousand, which can be paid in up to 36 installments.

In addition to the microentrepreneurs, the Banco do Povo Paulista also provides special credit lines for borrowers from the Housing and Urban Development Company (CDHU) who wish to renovate or expand the property, to motor pedestrians who need to comply with the new regulations of the National Traffic Department (Denatran), to taxi drivers who want to invest in the profession and rural producers.

Banco do Povo Paulista started its programs since September 1998 and has already lent about R $ 1.25 billion in 336,100 legal transactions. 

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