Personal Credit Options for Liberal Professionals



Personal Credit for Liberal Professionals – There comes a time in most people’s lives that the financial situation tightens and lacks money for all day-to-day necessities, or the acquisition of some kind that is important because of unforeseen or lack of planning.

Even more established liberal professionals like doctors, lawyers and dentists can go through this type of situation where they need to increase their service and even buy equipment. In cases like this, it is common for people to think about applying for a personal loan. One of the options is credit for Liberal professionals in banks, finance and in many specific associations.


Credit for Liberal Professionals


Also known as personal loan, credit to individuals is a form that banks and companies specializing in lending money can deposit the necessary amount into the checking account of those who requested the funds. It may be that in order to obtain this personal credit , it is necessary to present a record that proves income or guarantor that agrees to pay the debt, if the holder of the loan can not do it on its own.

For the realization of personal credit or money loan, some prerequisites are required, such as: presentation of documents such as RG and CPF, filing the income tax return, leaving fixed and mobile phone numbers for contact, bank account with current account for a certain period of time (6/12 months) and have check.


Opções de Crédito Pessoal para Profissionais Liberais


Companies specializing in credit


Companies specializing in credit

There are several companies specialized in credit and financing, however, it is interesting to turn to the very bank of which the liberal professional is a client when they want to borrow money.

It is worth mentioning that it is a routine practice for credit institutions and banks to conduct a customer financial profile analysis before giving the positive signal for the loan.

However, it is not only because personal credit has been approved that it has to be accepted. In these cases it is important to do a research, analyze the advantages of each loan , the amounts, the installments and especially the interest, besides having in view what is the main objective of the loan.


What types of loans are available


What types of loans are available


If the liberal professional needs the loan financed for his services expenses , he can apply to the FAT (Workers’ Assistance Fund) and the banks associated with him to apply for a personal loan. For example, Banco do Brasil has a personal line of credit called ” Professional Proger Liberal ” that is intended for middle and higher level professionals who want to enter or continue in the labor market. This line can finance the purchase of equipment.

Banco do Nordeste also offers a line of credit for professional professionals , Proliberal, by the FAT, which is intended for working capital and the goods and services inherent in the activities of these professionals. The loan limit is R $ 20,000 and the term to pay it is 36 months.


Microcredit for liberal professionals


Microcredit for liberal professionals


This type of personal loan does not need the collateral contractor, but as a rule the money should be investing in the business. In banking and finance, microcredit generally is a program that grants small loans to formal and informal microentrepreneurs.

Usually there are no secrets, microcredit is accessed directly in the traditional banking and financial system, with some exceptions where special programs in Ong or Government do targeted actions. What is most interesting about this type of credit is that during the term of the loan the contractor has the assistance of a consultant or microcredit agent to assist in leveraging the company.

Several banks have microcredit lines, with differentiated values ​​for each profile and client, interest rates are also flexible and are around 2.1% or 29.5% per year. There are many personal lines of credit for liberals, just do an advanced search and set where to apply for yours.

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